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What is Telehealth for Speech Therapy?

    Telepractice is the delivery of services using telecommunication and Internet technology to remotely connect clinicians to clients, other health care providers, and educational professionals for screening, assessment, intervention, consultation, or education. Telepractice is an appropriate model of service delivery for audiologists and speech-language pathologists (ASHA) and may be the primary mode of service delivery or may supplement in-person services (known as hybrid service delivery). Technology may also be used for supervision, mentoring, preservice, and continuing education. 

    Teletherapy makes health care more accessible for many people. It alleviates barriers like transportation access and time spent commuting. It can add occasional technology barriers that people don’t have to navigate when doing in-person therapy, but a clinician using a private and reliable telehealth platform will be able to assist with these for an easy and smooth experience. 

    While opting for teletherapy services can initially seem intimidating, there are many benefits that serve clients. Increased flexibility in treatment time options, wider patient reach including better access to care in remote areas, reduced physical contact leading to less potential for exposure to Covid-19, and enhanced personal well-being are just a few examples. Additionally, those who choose teletherapy do not have to go sit in busy waiting rooms but are able to seek therapy from the comfort and privacy of their own home. This alleviates privacy concerns for some individuals. 

    If you or a loved one are seeking a private speech therapy experience from home and would like to hear more about a telehealth platform, call Speech Care at Home at (813) 344-3207 today!