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Speech Language Pathology Services. Restoring Hope, Reshaping Lives.

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We provide home-based therapy to children, adults and seniors. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones. We improve the quality of the life for children, adults and seniors living with cognitive-communicative disorders by providing personalized assessment, treatment, and wellness care of speech, cognition, memory, swallowing, voice, fluency, and language.  We proudly service the greater Tampa Bay Area. We provide private pay services in addition to working with long term care insurance and Medicare Part B. We are your specialized Speech Language Pathologists.

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How we can help

We start with an initial consultation to develop an individualized treatment plan. We coordinate with family and common communication partners to enhance carryover of strategies, and techniques taught. We can offer goal oriented and progress driven traditional Speech Language Pathology therapy or a custom tailored wellness programs designed to maintain current function and prevent further loss.

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Speech Teletherapy

Discover the revolutionary world of speech teletherapy, where breakthrough technology meets personalized care! Experience the convenience of accessing expert speech therapy services from the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to travel time and hello to seamless sessions tailored to fit your schedule. Embrace the future of speech therapy with teletherapy – because your voice deserves the best, anytime, anywhere!

Speech Therapy

Unlock your voice’s full potential with our transformative speech therapy services! Through innovative techniques and compassionate guidance, we empower individuals to overcome barriers, regain confidence, and excel in both personal and professional settings. Elevate your communication prowess with our unparalleled speech therapy solutions today!

Dementia & Cognitive Wellness

A syndrome resulting from acquired brain disease such as Alzheimer’s Disease. We teach techniques to enhance independence and safety with daily tasks and routines.


A language disorder due to brain injury such as a Stroke or TBI. We enhance a person’s ability to understand and express spoken language, to read, and to write.

Dysphagia & Swallowing

A swallowing disorder that can lead to malnutrition, dehydration, aspiration, and pneumonia. We train patient and caregivers in exercises, compensatory techniques, and diet modifications.

Voice Disorders

A voice disorder occurs when voice quality, pitch, and loudness are different for an individual’s demographic. We teach techniques to improve laryngeal function, respiration, and resonance.


A speech disorder resulting in reduced intelligibility of speech from conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease or brain tumors. We teach techniques to improve ease of communication caused by that weakness and paralysis of speech muscles.

Apraxia of Speech (AOS)

A neurologic disorder that impacts an individual’s ability to plan or program the motor commands in their brain that are needed for speech. We provide treatment and training to enhance the ability to communicate with natural ease.


Our Therapists

Niki graduated with her Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of South Florida in 2009 and possesses a Certificate of Clinical Competency from ASHA, and a Certified Functional Nutrition Informed Professional from Evergreen. After five years of Director of Rehabilitation experience she wanted to return to a more clinical role in the adult and geriatric field. She brings her lead therapist experience from Skilled Nursing Facility, Assisted Living Facility, and Home Health into the Home Based Therapy setting. She has specialized in working with dementia, swallowing disorder, voice disorder, Aphasia, and speech disorder.

Niki Cannyn Head Shot
Niki Cannyn

Niki Cannyn

Speech Language Pathologist

Niki lives in historic Ybor City with her husband, two dogs, and seven chickens. For fun she enjoys biking around town, interior decorating, fostering puppies, and traveling. What she loves most about the community she serves is taking the time to listen to the extraordinary stories of each of her clients.

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