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Lesson Plan Freebie: National Blueberry Day

    🫐 Happy National Blueberry Day! 🫐

    Welcome to a berry special edition of our speech therapy lessons! Today, we’re diving into the world of blueberries—those tiny, juicy bursts of happiness that make everything better. But wait, have you ever tried saying “blueberry” ten times fast? It’s a mouthful!

    This comprehensive lesson plan encompasses various engaging activities:

    • Reading
    • Paragraph recall
    • Writing and spelling
    • Naming to description
    • Word fluency
    • Phonological component analysis
    • Semantic feature analysis

    Additionally, it incorporates:

    • Delayed recall and list learning, with a memory test involving the first 5 items from the word fluency challenge
    • Reminiscence
    • Structured conversation and response elaboration

    Get ready for a berry fun session packed with giggles, games, and of course, blueberries! 🎉Don’t forget to share these blueberry-tastic moments with a friend, and let us know how you enjoyed the lesson plan! We can’t wait to hear about your fruity fun! 🍓

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