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Transportation Resources

    Transportation service across the Tampa Bay Area for Senior Citizens and those with Disabilities

    Securing transportation for appointments and personal business can be a daunting task for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. Luckily, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco County have each developed a system for providing transportation services to residents in need. Here is some information that may come in handy for yourself or a loved one! 

    Hillsborough County services include:
    * Sunshine Line
    * HARTFlex
    * HARTPlus Paratransit 

    The Sunshine Line provides door-to-door transport services for seniors and people with disabilities who lack their own transportation. Transport services are provided for doctor’s appointments, grocery outings, social services, personal affairs, and more. Transportation is prioritized based on purpose of the trip and granted on a space-available basis. To determine eligibility and to enroll in the door-to-door service program, interested parties need to call Sunshine Line at (813) 272-7272, Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM or click on this link for more information.  

    HARTFlex offers door-to-door transportation in the South County area. Transportation is available via reservation or walk-up service. One-way or round-trip reservations can be made by calling 813-254-4278.

    HARTPlus Paratransit offers transportation for individuals with disabilities including physical, cognitive, emotional, or visual. Individuals eligible for this service will have disabilities that prevent them from using the HART fixed route bus system, either permanently or under particular conditions. There is a two-step process to determine qualification for HARTPlus Paratransit services that includes completion of an application followed by an in in-person interview and, if necessary, functional evaluation. Transport assistance is provided to the interview if need be. For more information click on this link or apply through this link.

    Pinellas County services include:
    * PSTA Special Citizen Program
    * Disabled Special Citizen Program
    * PSTA Access 

    The PSTA Senior Special Citizen Program enables passengers 65 and older to ride PSTA’s regular bus routes for a reduced cost by presenting a qualifying ID. These qualifying IDs include a PSTA Special Citizen Photo ID, Government-issued Photo ID, Photo ID card from HART (Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority), photo ID card from PCPT (Pasco County Public Transit), or an original red/white/blue Medicare Card. To obtain a PSTA Special Citizen Photo ID, bring proof that you are 65 or older to any PSTA Customer Service Center. 

    The Disabled Special Citizen Program enables eligible passengers to ride PSTA’s regular bus routes for a reduced cost by presenting a PSTA-issued photo ID card. Individuals who wish to utilize this program must complete an application and have a licensed physician certify their disability. Click on this link for more information or get the application here.

    PSTA Access provides door to door service for eligible individuals. Those wishing to qualify for this service must call (727) 540-1888 to request an application. Approximately a week after returning the application, interested parties must call (727) 540-1888 to schedule a 30-minute mobility consultation. These consultations will be completed over the phone. Find out more information here.

    Pasco County services include:
    * PCPT

    PCPT provides door-to-door transportation service to individuals unable to access transit service due to a verifiable disability, environmental obstacle, or distance from a bus route. Those living within three-quarters mile of a bus route are required to use that transit service. Click this link to get more information and see the application in English here and Spanish here.

    Applications must be submitted in conjunction with a healthcare provider. The list of qualifying providers to complete this application include Licensed Physicians (MD), Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, Physical Therapists , Occupational Therapists, and Orientation and Mobility Specialists. 

    As part of our commitment to overall wellness for our patients, Speech Care at Home’s quality of life improvements extend past just being at home. Our Speech Language Pathologist knows that mental health contains components related to the individuals’ ability to achieve mobility and freedom. For more information on our wellness services, please call us at 813-344-3207.