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Lesson Plan Freebie: Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”

    On December 19th, 1843, Charles Dickens published his novella, “A Christmas Carol”.🌟 Let’s explore the timeless tale of Dickens in a speech therapy wonderland, complete with engaging activities and meaningful discussions! 🎭 Let’s make our sessions as merry as the holiday season itself! 🤗🎉

    Designed with evidence-based techniques, this lesson plan can help your patients improve their cognitive-communicative skills. 🤝💬

    The lesson plan includes opportunities for:  

    • Reading 
    • Paragraph recall 
    • Writing & spelling 
    • Naming to description 
    • Word fluency 
    • Phonological component analysis 
    • Semantic feature analysis.  
    • Delayed recall & list learning – I often add a five-word test for memory using the first 5 items named in the word fluency challenge.  
    • Reminiscence  
    • Structured conversation 

    In the spirit of sharing and caring, let’s spread the word about this resource and bring some fun and playfulness into the lives of those we work with. And if you want more of these freebies in the future, just sign up for my newsletter below.

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